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Hidey-ho there, livejournalrinos. 

Long time no postey. Haven't been around LJ much, except to read the various things that pop up in my inbox. As always, when I visit LJ-land, I consider getting more involved, but the truth is my life just isn't that interesting. And honestly, I've gotten kind of sick of myself lately, so I've pulled back from most social media.

A break has been nice, but I might tip toe back in now and again.
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I spend a LOT of time here. I'm constantly reading a few specific comms and I check my flist daily.

Nothing to say, I guess. Is that good, or bad?

No matter. I'm happy enough.
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 I switched my site navigation from "Vertigo" to "Horizon," so we'll see how long it takes me to get confused.

I spent a good part of yesterday doing nothing reading magazines and working on my style board. Some might call it an inspiration board. It's basically an oversized (we're talking seriously huge, I can't even hang it because I don't have a stud to nail it into) corkboard. I go through all my magazines that I am obsessed with love and cut out styles/fashions/things I like and pin to the board. It gives me inspiration for how I dress, makeup I do, how I decorate my house for a month or two months or however long I am inspired. If I start to gather a lot of things from magazines, I eventually switch things out. I put what's on the board in my stylebook - a giant scrapbook dedicated just to the clippings - and put the new stuff on the board.

Kind of lame, and pointless, but it makes me happy. I like being able to go back through the years and see what's changed.

So that's what I did yesterday. Today and tomorrow are barbecue central. Two barbecues today, one tomorrow. One of the ones today is at my boyfriend's dad's house, my boyfriend and his dad who are Jewish. Which means no pork, of course, which leads me to ask, what's the point?

I'm waiting for him to change (he's slow, bum knee) and then we are off! Barbecues are the only good thing about summer, methinks.

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Cuz I just did that. I was trying to send an email to a dear friend, clicked a button and it said WOAH CRAP STOP ARE YOU SURE? so I actually looked to see what button it was and it wasn't the send button, it was the delete button so I yelled said loudly "WHERE IS THE SEND BUTTON?" and then I found it. Because you know, I'm a total n00b  at gmail or something.

Today is a crap day, in case you were wondering. There's not nearly enough chocolate in this house and far too much sobriety.

At which point does it start looking up? I mean, I've been a pretty okay kid, right...? So why am I not being cut a break? How far down do I have to go before I can start climbing up? Any advice?
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You know, I've started this post half a dozen times. I just don't know what to say. I want to bitch and moan about my dad and how he keeps spending money I keep telling him we don't have and keeps putting his account into the red so I have to piece meal the shit out of my savings and have now spent around $300 on overdraft charges and there I got it off my chest.

Let's talk about happier things, shall we?

I work in Cubicleland. Gray cubicles (and floors and walls and ceiling) as far as the eye can see. We're rearranging/rebuilding some (most) of the cubes (except mine) on the floor to get ready for the sale that managers won't admit is going to happen probably this fall ( I mean, who paints a stairwell just because? Really?) and it's quite noisy and busy on the floor right now. I love how some of them are being rearranged - it's been needed for a long time - but, for example, I almost walked into one of the new cubes today. So, I'm awesome.

Change seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now. So, I think my bank account needs to change into having some money. See what I did there?

I splurged on a stack of trashy magazines today. God, I love magaznies. Bought Cosmo, Elle, InStyle and People. I always get Cosmo and a People, but I haven't read Elle or InStyle in eons, so I thought "hey why not." My best friend is abandoning me tomorrow and my boyfriend is abandoning me tomorrow, sooo I need something to do and this something shall be wear a beauty mask, eat unhealthy food and read trashy magazines. God, I'm so LA.

ETA: To show you the depths of my maturity, let me show you my eats today: breakfast broccoli (eesh I hate spelling that word) and carrots with spinach dip; dinner peanut butter cookie and iced tea; supper green pepper slices with a balsamic viniagrette, a third of a box of mac and cheese spirals and a handful of tortilla chips. RAWK. The theme today?: Lazy.
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Scheduled today off, quite some time ago - thank god - and I woke up about 30 minutes ago. Which, if you know me, is majorly sleeping in.

It went from low-60s and misty and rainy (think London) on Friday to a low of 75 this morning with an eventually high of 90 with a dew point in the 70s, which will bump the heat index ("how the temperature feels," to those who live in areas without humidity,) up to around 100. And sunny. (Think New Orleans.)

Now, I have no problem with summer weather, theoretically. Every season gets its due, it's good for a change, etc. But this is August weather, after a quite lovely spate of October weather. Quite frankly, I'm not ready.

Anyway, I'll dress for it, in a dress, ponytail, sandals and spf.

The name of the game today is relaxation. And for me, relaxation is shopping. Not even buying anything, just wandering around and seeing what's out there. Contemplating a white purse (of course, it's me. Wouldn't be me if bags weren't in the picture.) and a peach. I REALLY want a peach.
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I need to spend more time around here. Maybe I'll do a real post! 

Haha, good one.

ETA: It occured to me, when entering my music in the post-y box doohickey that a large, large number of my songs on my iTunes are sad, somewhat depressing songs. You people need to give me cheerful music.

P.S. Does anyone else hate the new "iTunes DJ" as much as I do? Anyone?
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Not calendar month, of course, as this one is only 6 days old (I think? I have no idea what day it is and I can't be bothered to look) but 30-days-month. Truth be told, I'm having one of those years. 2010 has started inauspiciously at best.

Dad's doing well. Much better, but he still won't talk about work, or not much. That worries me, as I can't fully support him and his household. But any comment I make regarding that fact, and the fact that the end of his 12 weeks of FMLA is rapidly approaching (within the month) and he seems unmoved in that regard.

I hurt my back last week, so that's always fun. It's finally starting to feel better, so I'm pulling back on the drugs. I have a super-high tolerance to painkillers, like, ridiculously so (4 - 6 Excedrin Migraine to take the edge off of a headache, for example) so you can imagine the number of muscle relaxers and painkillers I've been ingesting. Better, though.

Discombobulated is a good word. Quixotic as well. Just weird.

On my birthday card, my grandmother wrote "I know you think your life sucks." And that bothers me. I don't think my life sucks. I think it could be a lot worse. Yes, it's somewhat stressful right now, but it's been worse. That got better and this will, too. This, too, shall pass.

I'm still not completely unpacked from my move. I just don't have the energy to come home and do it, you know? That'll pass, too. It's almost Spring and that's what I'm holding onto. I despise Winter. But it also doesn't feel like it should almost be Spring already.

It's already March. Can you believe it? Three months into 2010 already. By the next time we blink, it'll be 2011. Weird.

Like I said, discombobulated.
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My iTunes is doing better. I broke 1K finally. I've HAD the music, I just, you know, have been lazy. So yay, I win.

The StormChasers season finale is on tonight. D= I love this show. I shouldn't cuz, hi, tornadoes are scary in person, etc and all that, but I LOVE it. I'm SO excited for the finale, but also sad.

And hungry.

I got my hair cut. Not like, CUT. But super-trimmed. It was getting gnarly. My hair gets to a certain point and it gets all over the place. Because I have a ton ass of hair. I sat down in the chair and the lady - I've never seen this woman in my life - was like "holy geez, you have a TON of hair."


I was unaware.

Thanks for letting me know.

So I've gotten into the habit of keeping it on the shorter side. Anywhere from mid-neck to mid-arm.

Of course, being my dorktacular self, I ALWAYS get it cut short right before winter. I don't know why I do this.

Also, after my friend left, I went back to Target and proceeded to spend my grocery money on clothes. But um, cute > food, SO. It's all good.

But no socks, Ashy!

People. I need socks. I REALLY need socks. My address is over there <--. Won't you just think of the children feet?

Okay, I have socks. Technically. I have work socks and I have athletic socks. But all of my fun stripey and colorful socks have disintegrated. And all the ones I saw at ALL the stores we went to this weekend (more than once! <3) were not fun and awesome. Not enough for me. Or they were knee highs, which I dislike.

Now I'm going to go eat an early supper because I'm hungry.


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