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I am removing the FO-status from my LJ because I just don't care anymore. I will over the next short while open up whatever entries I deem worthy of being public. Some, of course, will remain private or custom or FO.
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Today is one of those "oh god I have so much crap to do" but I'm still sitting on my butt sort of days. Well, I suppose the day is over now, so I should say was. And yet-still more crap!

I left work at 12:15 today because I felt like it and we went grocery shopping. Sort of a stocking up trip, got some things that we don't need yet but have be wanting to get ahead on - bulk items, mostly.

Plus, I bought a pair of boots. This is my first pair of boots in probably close to 15 years. They make my feet look giant. It will have to be mighty crappy out for me to wear them.

Off of work tomorrow; first thing on the list is the dentist. Boo hiss. Then I'm stopping at my dad's (it's on the way) to do laundry (which I have yet to gather tonight. Surprise, surprise.) and drop off his cake. Also, get some puppy time in.

And then I'm coming back home and probably cleaning. I've let the place go to hell the last couple of weeks.

Did I mention I'm cooking for like 13 or 14 people for Thanksgiving. Meaning, I'm making a couple of dishes here and then we're trekking to my dad's - my family obviously won't fit at my place. And I'm still the hostess there. Lovely.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my mom's passing. I remember how much all of you were there for me and believe me when I tell you it's appreciated and loved. In case I don't get on in the next couple of days - thank you all, again. Much love.


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