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 EEE! I don't know how best else to describe my feelings right now. 

Just got off the phone with the vet. Reese apparently had what is called a "pancreatic attack." It's just genetic in some cats. No reasoning behind it, nothing that happened or anything we did. We need to adjust the food a bit (and really, it'll be better for all the cats, not just Reese.) The kidney failure was because his pancreas wasn't passing the water like it's supposed to, or whatever (yeah, I'm not a doctor, can you tell?,) so they started to shut down.

We got him in soon enough. The pumping-him-full-of-water bit worked and he basically wet all over his cage, which is GOOD, because it means his kidneys weren't completely damaged and the vet was able to kickstart them into working again. 

He said Reese is completely different than how he was when he went in - i.e., back to his old, hyper self. He's on antibiotics, but once he finishes his antibiotics, he won't need to be on medicine again. We will probably be able to pick him up on Monday.

My baby is coming home!
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 All we know so far is "some stage of kidney failure." On Wednesday, he noticed that he was acting 180* differently than he normally does. He's not a snuggler, but he's normally very perky, normally very "in your face." He doesn't like to be held, but he likes to be touching you at all times. And he didn't come around at ALL until Wednesday night, when he hopped up on the bed. One of his quirks is that he comes when he's called, like a dog. I tried to call him over and he didn't move. Clue #1. This is the first I saw of Reese on Wednesday, so I was immediately alarmed. I picked him up and pulled him over to me. Clue #2. And he laid there next to me and let me pet him until I fell asleep. Clue #3. I did the "skin-pinch" test and could tell he was dehydrated and like I said, just wasn't acting normal. Nothing had changed on Thursday, in fact, we had to search for him because he didn't come out to say hello like he normally does, and we took him to the vet at 11 on Friday. 

As I said, all we know right now is kidney failure. There's a chance we caught it early enough, but I don't know. He's on a slow drip and they're pumping him full of water and drugs and trying to see if they can get him to pee so they can do a urine test and take more tests. They're doing a blood workup. We're to call around 10-11 today, so I imagine we'll know what needs to happen then. I don't think it's going to be good - depends how quick we caught the kidney failure - but it's just a feeling I have. I've come to terms with it, but I do feel sorry for our youngest kitteh, because Reese is his best friend. As I said the other day, Reese is only 3. He'll be 4 in April, so he is much, much too young for this.

I want to know why all of our cats are dying all of a sudden. Well, not all of a sudden. Missy died two years ago (she was 5) of kidney failure. Murphy died earlier this year from kidney failure due to advanced diabetes. The vet said there was absolutely nothing we could do about Murphy because untreated diabetes in animals is so rampant that they go from fine to failing in a matter of days - and if you're a cat owner, you know that cats do NOT tell you when they don't feel well. Quite the opposite. Apparently: if you visit Iowa, don't drink the water.

So, that's where things stand, if you wanted to know. I'll post after we know more, or have him put down, today. If it's diabetes or something else manageable, where he will not suffer at all, then we will continue on that course. If there's the slightest chance he'll be in pain or discomfort, especially for the rest of his shortened life, then I very much am an advocate of putting him down. No one, cat, dog, human or fish, deserves to suffer, period. Well, maybe fish, but only because they're tasty.

Reese is my kitteh, but we aren't terribly close. Like I said, he's not a snuggler, but he's a nice cat. He was starting to come around and we were getting close again. But I love him. I love all of the cats, even the one who sits on the fridge and throws up on people as they walk by.


Dec. 4th, 2008 06:32 pm
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Reese is sick. We're taking him to the vet tomorrow. *sigh* He's 3.
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Someone has a sign up for free kittens by the vending machine. It's one of those little homemade signs with the tear strips at the bottom and it has one picture of all five (or six?) kittens that are up for adoption.

I emailed a co-worker about them, after I saw this sign. This is the same co-worker who sits next to SHERRY THE TABLE SHAKER, but pah. If you email, then no one can hear you, no matter how close you're sitting!

Last Spring ('07) I got a kitten from this woman's sister's litter and that kitten is Moe. I've posted about Moe before. He's a little crazy bundle of fluff who likes to set himself on fire cause trouble, since he's only a year old. So, it's sort of a running joke between us, whenever someone's cat comes up for adoption. I told her about the sign and emailed: “you should get one! : D” Her response was that her husband would divorce her if she brought home a kitten.

Later, she asked where the picture was and went to look at it and she came back and said something “they are soooooo cute," and how she wanted the calico.

And I said, "Well, if you don’t want a kitten, I have an approximately one year old cat you can have. If you overlook the psychotic tendencies, he’s one of the best cats I’ve ever had.”

And she’s like “Oh, that would be the part where he lights himself on fire?”

and I said “…oh...that part, too.”
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I almost DIED this morning not really. Last week, my kitten, Mr. Asshole, Moe, broke a perfume bottle. Thought it would be fun to knock it off the bureau and see what happens. IT BROKE, MOE, THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED. This is also the kitteh who eats eyeglasses and sits on gas stove burners, while they’re on.

I didn’t say he was a smart kitten.

So, he knocks over the perfume bottle but it looked like it broke into four big chunks, so I picked those up and tossed them away and the bedroom smelled overbearingly like that perfume for a week. Yay carpet!

Apparently, a small nugget of glass got into the bed. I rolled over at about 4:15 this morning and felt something sharp. Reached down and felt my leg and it and my fingers now, were wet. So I hopped out of bed (my first and foremost concern was getting blood on my PRISTINE white sheets–which happened, damn it) and turned on the light and yep, blood everywhere. Four small cuts, in a perfect line, along the side of my thigh. The bleeding’s slowed a bit, but I don’t think it’s stopped yet.

This is a really great way to start a Thursday. I recommend it for everyone.


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