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 I switched my site navigation from "Vertigo" to "Horizon," so we'll see how long it takes me to get confused.

I spent a good part of yesterday doing nothing reading magazines and working on my style board. Some might call it an inspiration board. It's basically an oversized (we're talking seriously huge, I can't even hang it because I don't have a stud to nail it into) corkboard. I go through all my magazines that I am obsessed with love and cut out styles/fashions/things I like and pin to the board. It gives me inspiration for how I dress, makeup I do, how I decorate my house for a month or two months or however long I am inspired. If I start to gather a lot of things from magazines, I eventually switch things out. I put what's on the board in my stylebook - a giant scrapbook dedicated just to the clippings - and put the new stuff on the board.

Kind of lame, and pointless, but it makes me happy. I like being able to go back through the years and see what's changed.

So that's what I did yesterday. Today and tomorrow are barbecue central. Two barbecues today, one tomorrow. One of the ones today is at my boyfriend's dad's house, my boyfriend and his dad who are Jewish. Which means no pork, of course, which leads me to ask, what's the point?

I'm waiting for him to change (he's slow, bum knee) and then we are off! Barbecues are the only good thing about summer, methinks.

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My iTunes is doing better. I broke 1K finally. I've HAD the music, I just, you know, have been lazy. So yay, I win.

The StormChasers season finale is on tonight. D= I love this show. I shouldn't cuz, hi, tornadoes are scary in person, etc and all that, but I LOVE it. I'm SO excited for the finale, but also sad.

And hungry.

I got my hair cut. Not like, CUT. But super-trimmed. It was getting gnarly. My hair gets to a certain point and it gets all over the place. Because I have a ton ass of hair. I sat down in the chair and the lady - I've never seen this woman in my life - was like "holy geez, you have a TON of hair."


I was unaware.

Thanks for letting me know.

So I've gotten into the habit of keeping it on the shorter side. Anywhere from mid-neck to mid-arm.

Of course, being my dorktacular self, I ALWAYS get it cut short right before winter. I don't know why I do this.

Also, after my friend left, I went back to Target and proceeded to spend my grocery money on clothes. But um, cute > food, SO. It's all good.

But no socks, Ashy!

People. I need socks. I REALLY need socks. My address is over there <--. Won't you just think of the children feet?

Okay, I have socks. Technically. I have work socks and I have athletic socks. But all of my fun stripey and colorful socks have disintegrated. And all the ones I saw at ALL the stores we went to this weekend (more than once! <3) were not fun and awesome. Not enough for me. Or they were knee highs, which I dislike.

Now I'm going to go eat an early supper because I'm hungry.


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