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If LJ actually worked decently on my phone, I'd probably post more because most days I'm just too lazy to turn on my laptop and make a long post about ANYthing. I'm usually on a computer ALL day for eight hours a day. Consequently, I logged into my email for the first time in about a month today. Especially since I have push email on my phone, I never log in anymore. OH WELL.

A bulleted list, since I'm still lazy... )

TL;DR: Work woes, cell phone woes, I ate ham for Thanksgiving, [ profile] shutterloubug visited and I am ALWAYS FREAKING COLD.
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You know, I've started this post half a dozen times. I just don't know what to say. I want to bitch and moan about my dad and how he keeps spending money I keep telling him we don't have and keeps putting his account into the red so I have to piece meal the shit out of my savings and have now spent around $300 on overdraft charges and there I got it off my chest.

Let's talk about happier things, shall we?

I work in Cubicleland. Gray cubicles (and floors and walls and ceiling) as far as the eye can see. We're rearranging/rebuilding some (most) of the cubes (except mine) on the floor to get ready for the sale that managers won't admit is going to happen probably this fall ( I mean, who paints a stairwell just because? Really?) and it's quite noisy and busy on the floor right now. I love how some of them are being rearranged - it's been needed for a long time - but, for example, I almost walked into one of the new cubes today. So, I'm awesome.

Change seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now. So, I think my bank account needs to change into having some money. See what I did there?

I splurged on a stack of trashy magazines today. God, I love magaznies. Bought Cosmo, Elle, InStyle and People. I always get Cosmo and a People, but I haven't read Elle or InStyle in eons, so I thought "hey why not." My best friend is abandoning me tomorrow and my boyfriend is abandoning me tomorrow, sooo I need something to do and this something shall be wear a beauty mask, eat unhealthy food and read trashy magazines. God, I'm so LA.

ETA: To show you the depths of my maturity, let me show you my eats today: breakfast broccoli (eesh I hate spelling that word) and carrots with spinach dip; dinner peanut butter cookie and iced tea; supper green pepper slices with a balsamic viniagrette, a third of a box of mac and cheese spirals and a handful of tortilla chips. RAWK. The theme today?: Lazy.
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Scheduled today off, quite some time ago - thank god - and I woke up about 30 minutes ago. Which, if you know me, is majorly sleeping in.

It went from low-60s and misty and rainy (think London) on Friday to a low of 75 this morning with an eventually high of 90 with a dew point in the 70s, which will bump the heat index ("how the temperature feels," to those who live in areas without humidity,) up to around 100. And sunny. (Think New Orleans.)

Now, I have no problem with summer weather, theoretically. Every season gets its due, it's good for a change, etc. But this is August weather, after a quite lovely spate of October weather. Quite frankly, I'm not ready.

Anyway, I'll dress for it, in a dress, ponytail, sandals and spf.

The name of the game today is relaxation. And for me, relaxation is shopping. Not even buying anything, just wandering around and seeing what's out there. Contemplating a white purse (of course, it's me. Wouldn't be me if bags weren't in the picture.) and a peach. I REALLY want a peach.


Nov. 19th, 2009 08:22 pm
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NaNo. About that.

Work was a bitch today. There's no nice way to put it. She's a whore, and she deserves to be ridiculed. Work, I mean. Not the person I'm pissed at.

I was out for two and a half days this week. Scheduled vacation half Monday and Tuesday, and sick yesterday. We're not discussing yesterday, cuz, well. We're not.

Got nothing but shit from some people. I got nothing done today, or I feel like I didn't.

And there's no jeans tomorrow.

And that's about it.
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This is me avoiding the dentist.

Oh well.

Today was good. Didn't get as much done as I should have, but a nice relaxing day.

The sad part is having to go to work tomorrow - rest of the week.

And no casual day on Friday.

Damn board members.
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Today is one of those "oh god I have so much crap to do" but I'm still sitting on my butt sort of days. Well, I suppose the day is over now, so I should say was. And yet-still more crap!

I left work at 12:15 today because I felt like it and we went grocery shopping. Sort of a stocking up trip, got some things that we don't need yet but have be wanting to get ahead on - bulk items, mostly.

Plus, I bought a pair of boots. This is my first pair of boots in probably close to 15 years. They make my feet look giant. It will have to be mighty crappy out for me to wear them.

Off of work tomorrow; first thing on the list is the dentist. Boo hiss. Then I'm stopping at my dad's (it's on the way) to do laundry (which I have yet to gather tonight. Surprise, surprise.) and drop off his cake. Also, get some puppy time in.

And then I'm coming back home and probably cleaning. I've let the place go to hell the last couple of weeks.

Did I mention I'm cooking for like 13 or 14 people for Thanksgiving. Meaning, I'm making a couple of dishes here and then we're trekking to my dad's - my family obviously won't fit at my place. And I'm still the hostess there. Lovely.

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of my mom's passing. I remember how much all of you were there for me and believe me when I tell you it's appreciated and loved. In case I don't get on in the next couple of days - thank you all, again. Much love.


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