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I don't...try. I don't go out of my way to talk to people. I don't initiate conversation while I'm waiting for them to ring up my stuff. I appreciate the sentiment, but really, I didn't go to Target at 4:30 to hang out, so can we just cut the chatter and hurry it up?

But...they do.

Every time I'm in line, they start talking to me. It doesn't matter if I'm at Target, or a restaurant, or even Starbucks. They strike up inane conversations.

Today, the girl at Starbucks (who I believe is rather new and that might explain it) started on about how the trick-or-treaters will have good weather tomorrow.

Um. Yay!


I don't...really mind it. But I definitely don't understand it. What about my "damn it, I really want to be at home sitting on my bed right now reading a book" face says "friendly?" 

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I want to write a book. No. I want to put together an anthology of your words. Your thoughts, your ideas. The catch? I want it to be about your mom or about your daughter, if you have one. Or both. You never know how many I need. I know y'all are great writers. I met most of you through writing. Those I didn't, I've seen your talents, so hush up saying you can't write.

I can't guarantee it'll get published. But I can guarantee I'll do my damnedest so it is. Free copy to every contributor and a free copy to whoever you wrote about, if we get published.

What do you say?

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My day has been unproductive at best. I moved the rest of my clothes into my bedroom, but other than that.. yeah, not much accomplished. Well, I suppose I did run the errands and get the things I needed this morning, so that counts, too.

We're having pumpkin day at work on Thursday, so I had to buy my portion of my team's stuff. This included a pumpkin and paint. That's all I'm telling you.

All and all, though. I'll be glad when it's next weekend. I know I had today off from work, but considering how hard I worked Saturday and Sunday, it didn't really feel like a weekend. Next weekend, I ain't doin' squat.


Oct. 25th, 2008 05:24 pm
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I emptied, cleaned and painted my bedroom today, before cooking supper and dessert. I'm kind of tired. So this is all you get.

ETA: I've been wanting to paint for awhile and I finally decided on a color. I'm SO nitpicky when it comes to colors because um. I abhor painting and refuse to do it often. Before painting my bathroom last month, the last time I had painted was...three years earlier when I'd painted my bedroom.

It's just too much of a hassle. Not the actual painting job... between prep, trim work and painting, it took three of us less than 6 hours to do. But the before and after. Pulling everything out, putting everything back. And we destroyed my closet, too, so I had to completely empty that. And we decided to paint in there which, I don't know why because trust me when I tell you I won't see the walls once my clothes are in there. But there was one of those organizational closet system dealiebobs in there and it was the absolute bane of my existence. So we ripped that out and put in a single shelf (or will do, when the paint is dry). I also bought new furniture so, I have to transfer from old furniture to new furniture, which is still sitting in the garage waiting for placement.

So, it's a bigger job than it needs to be, but I've been wanting to paint for about a year now, so I'm glad it's done and over. If I never have to paint again, I'll probably be okay with that. Here's hoping.

So, tomorrow my day consists of making breakfast, doing dishes, making sure the walls are completely covered and dry, de-taping and cleaning, moving furniture back in and then reorganizing, putting things away, putting my clothes away.

I also bought seam tape because I am tired of my comforter. The style and thickness is love, but I'm done with the pattern. So I have decided to shove it in my favorite duvet. My favorite duvet happens to only have a button closure and occasionally my comforter peeks out. So, I will put my comforter in, button her up and then close it with seam tape. Done and done, new comforter, no money.

I'm taking Monday off of work because um. I feel like it. And damn it, I need it after all this "physical labor" crap they're making me do. Who "they" are, I'm unsure, but trust me - they're out there.
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To some of you, this might be ridiculously cheap. Remember that I live in a small town where the average salary is 30 - 50% lower than the big city counterparts, even though housing or products (food, toiletries, etc) aren't any cheaper.

That said - it's so sad that this is cheap enough to make people giddy. When a year ago we were bitching about it being this high.

But damn if it don't feel good now.

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I kept getting robomails from McCain's campaign. Which is fine, except they were sent to the wrong name. I.E. not me.

Of course, this irrationally pissed me off. So I went through the motions of unsubscribing. They had a section for option comments.


I never WAS a McCain supporter. Y'all are a bunch of lying, thieving hypocrites and if you get elected just WAIT til you see the mass exodus of all the JOE THE PLUMBERS in an attempt to NOT be crushed to death by your communist, fascist, BIG BUSINESS, END THE MIDDLE CLASS regime. And by the way? You totally weren't even sending your robomail to the right place. My name is NOT Kelly. Assholes.

I did say I was irritated after all.

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A black couple from Missouri seek amends from clothing store Journeys after their son was given a receipt that said "dumb N-word" in capital letters.
Boy's proof of payment shows racist insult in place of a generic store code.

Linda Slater said she's both saddened and angry that it happened and "to know that racism is still alive."

On Friday, her son Keith Slater, 22, bought a pair of loafer-style shoes from the Journeys at the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, Kan., about a 30-minute drive from their home in Kansas City, Mo.

When he found a less expensive pair of similar shoes at a different store a short while later, however, he returned the first pair to Journeys the next day.

The clerk, whom Linda Slater described as a 20-something white woman, asked why he was returning the shoes and Keith Slater told her about the less expensive shoes he had bought.

It wasn't until the family got home that he glanced at his receipt and saw the insult printed next to the line marked "Cust" for customer.

"Then I was like, 'Nah, no way. It can't say that," Keith Slater, a junior at Missouri State University in Springfield, told today. "I was shocked, 'cause I didn't do anything for that to happen."

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I need to stop Siming and give myself a pedicure. Well. I want to. No! Lin is making me! No, I want to! Damn it. I can't tell.

Also, out of curiosity -- what are your personal stands on tattoos? No judging here, just honestly curious.
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I went grocery shopping early yesterday morning just like I always do, every two weeks. And after, I stopped at Starbucks, just like I always do... and I've already made the decision to cut myself off cold turkey, because I counted up how much money I've spent there recently (I've been going more than normal) and all I can say is, damn.

So anyway, I walk up to the counter and one of my regular baristas asks me what I want. And I tell her and she's like "I can never guess with you. You always order something different." And I said it was my job to keep her on her toes. And she agrees with me and then says, "Yeah, but you always stick with the same four drinks so at least I have an idea!"

I was thinking, dear god, I need to buy a coffee pot for home.


Oct. 18th, 2008 09:55 am
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In keeping with yesterday's theme...

Clearly catering to the teenage male market.

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My roommate got home after me today, which is weird because I was almost two hours late. We had pizza the other night and like good little 20-somethings, bought extra so we could have breakfasts and lunches. I had two (note: two) pieces of mine (fungi) left over and I intended to eat it for supper tonight, but, since I went out with a friend, I wasn't terribly hungry and was going to wait until later. Well, was being the operative word.

Him: Can I have that piece of your pizza in there?
Me: What do you mean piece? There should be pieces.
Him: ...
Me: *exasperated* Did you eat one?
Him: I was hungry!
Me: You had four pieces left!
Him: ...those were tasty, too.
Me: Oh, for...just eat it.

In other news, my best achievement for the evening was lighting myself on fire.
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I found a problem with one of our systems today so I spent some time first thing in the morning dealing with that. I had to speak with my boss about it, but she was gone until about 1:30, when I finally had a chance to ask her about it and tell her what was going on. We put in a call to web help and then back to more waiting.

My boss called me over to talk about it around 4:00 or so, which I was fine with because damn, I had stopped working a half hour earlier before and was just trying to look busy. Welcome distraction, whatevs. So I was at her desk until 4:30. That's another problem with my boss. You put me and her in a room together and we can gab for hours.

So then I rush back to my desk and I have to talk to a co-worker, because she's going on vacation and I had to get information from her.

Tthen I get back to my desk finally and start closing everything, packing up and then I started gathering my things and I can't find my keys.

I looked everywhere. My pockets, the cabinet where I put my coat, drawers, floor, garbage can, team table, all through my purse. Can't find 'em.

So I call Kip and tell him, and he says to go out to my car and see if I find them and if not, he'll drive up to Urbana to get into the house and get my spare and come get me. 

I trace my steps back to my car (thankful my car was still there).

As I'm crossing the street to my car, I say to my friend (whom I'm on the phone with at the time), 'haha, you know how to break into a car?' And I get to my door and I see that my doors are unlocked. And I was excited because I was thinking I had dropped my keys in my trunk, because I had put a shopping bag in there. So if I had dropped them in there, and my car was unlocked, yay keys!  Because I could open the trunk.

So I open the door and I go to get in, and my keys are on the floorboard, with a note, saying that they had been found behind my car and that he hoped they were still here when I got back.

They were. And as far as I can tell, nothing was taken. But damn if that wasn't the most scared I've been in a LONG time.
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I was going to post my entire "live-IM" with one of my close friends as we watched the debate, once it was over.

This sums it all up for me, though:

me (8:11:05 PM): Can we have just a debate with Obama.
her (8:11:09 PM): Thank you.
me (8:11:09 PM): For reals.

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My friend: Geez, can't even get a decent bootleg video!
Me: What do these people expect from us?
My friend: I know! So demanding!

Yard work

Oct. 12th, 2008 03:23 pm
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I was helping my roommate clean up the yard today. He mowed a couple weeks ago, and, like good hay, the extra clumps just kinda stayed where they were and dried. Because he got too lazy to blow them out of the yard or mulch them up.

Today, the grass was too wet for it to mulch properly, so I went out there with a leaf rake and raked the entire yard. We could've gotten at least a full bale of hay out of this crap. And now I have a blister. But since I'm very magnanimous, I'm not blaming him. Currently.

But we left a pile, and went to take a break. And then we went back to it and he was all "this time, you lift, I'll hold the bag."

And I went to do scoop up an armful... and I noticed the biggest cricket that ever cricketed jumping through it! So I was like, "uh, no way, dude." So then he killed it for me and scooped up an armful.


We were just standing there and I was like, "I don't think this is going to work." 

And then he shoved the bag at me and cleaned up the rest of it.


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