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You know, I've started this post half a dozen times. I just don't know what to say. I want to bitch and moan about my dad and how he keeps spending money I keep telling him we don't have and keeps putting his account into the red so I have to piece meal the shit out of my savings and have now spent around $300 on overdraft charges and there I got it off my chest.

Let's talk about happier things, shall we?

I work in Cubicleland. Gray cubicles (and floors and walls and ceiling) as far as the eye can see. We're rearranging/rebuilding some (most) of the cubes (except mine) on the floor to get ready for the sale that managers won't admit is going to happen probably this fall ( I mean, who paints a stairwell just because? Really?) and it's quite noisy and busy on the floor right now. I love how some of them are being rearranged - it's been needed for a long time - but, for example, I almost walked into one of the new cubes today. So, I'm awesome.

Change seems to be a recurring theme in my life right now. So, I think my bank account needs to change into having some money. See what I did there?

I splurged on a stack of trashy magazines today. God, I love magaznies. Bought Cosmo, Elle, InStyle and People. I always get Cosmo and a People, but I haven't read Elle or InStyle in eons, so I thought "hey why not." My best friend is abandoning me tomorrow and my boyfriend is abandoning me tomorrow, sooo I need something to do and this something shall be wear a beauty mask, eat unhealthy food and read trashy magazines. God, I'm so LA.

ETA: To show you the depths of my maturity, let me show you my eats today: breakfast broccoli (eesh I hate spelling that word) and carrots with spinach dip; dinner peanut butter cookie and iced tea; supper green pepper slices with a balsamic viniagrette, a third of a box of mac and cheese spirals and a handful of tortilla chips. RAWK. The theme today?: Lazy.
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I am removing the FO-status from my LJ because I just don't care anymore. I will over the next short while open up whatever entries I deem worthy of being public. Some, of course, will remain private or custom or FO.
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Because I'm far too lazy to do it IRL. (WIN!)
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Mm, Bowie. Gack, I haven't listened to God Bowie in so long. I must rectify that.


There's some things changing around these parts. Those that are frequenters of my LJ, not just reading mine through their style, will notice that I changed my layout back to my shark week layout that I had for about, all last year. I love hot pink. While I'm not sure it's my favorite color, it seems to encompass my personality well. Or so I'm told. And I picked the shark week banner because 1) I was inspired by Shark Week starting next Sunday (HOMG, GET THE POPCORN) and 2) it's a sentiment I agree with.

I'm also in the process of reorganizing all of my tags. While a bunch of entries lost their tags for the time being, that will be remedied. Promise.

Yes, I am that much of a nerd. Look at my icons list for cripes sake.

In other organization news, I've lost my Filofax. Anyone seen it? Because, um. Not cool. I think the reason why I keep myself (or attempt to) so ruthlessly organized is because I am actually quite scatterbrained--which I am. So, it's necessary that I force myself into this or I won't remember anything. I don't remember to pay bills, birthdays, send cards or gifts, appointments, meetings with friends, nothing if it's not written down. I even have a big whiteboard by my desk with a list of what bills are due when and how much--or I'd get to the end of the month and be like "crap, I should pay that." Often, this happens after I get phone calls saying WE ARE GOING TO CUT OFF YOUR SERVICE IF YOU DON'T PAY US, BIZNATCH. Cell phone companies are so touchy.

So, I need to find my Filofax. This might be in my trunk. Just about everything else I own is, although, I'm not quite sure how it got out of my purse because my purse hasn't been in there in weeks.

Also, I'm in the mood for a new purse. Not sure what, though. I'm trying to keep myself from buying purses like I normally do because I have this thing called "groceries" and it's generally good if you can afford to buy them.

Can you tell this is a stream of conciousness type of thing? Geez.

Also, I need a new cell phone. My pretty, shiny cell phone decided to die not too long ago and the cell phone company told me it would cost as much to get it fixed as it would to buy a new one, more or less. I'm afraid of sending it in because I don't want them to make the repairs and then expect me to pay it when they're done, if it's not an amount I'm comfortable paying. But I HATE my old phone, which is why I upgraded to that one. I can upgrade Sept 30 but I really, really don't want a new contract -- I like my plan the way it is, the features I have and the amount I pay for them is perfect and that'll change if I sign another 2 year contract. Never mind that I've been in a contract since I was 18 and I would like to NOT be.

But the new phone I want is $379.99 and I just can't afford that right now. Stupid Capitalism.

I'm going to go get food now. My stomach is eating my liver.


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