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I am removing the FO-status from my LJ because I just don't care anymore. I will over the next short while open up whatever entries I deem worthy of being public. Some, of course, will remain private or custom or FO.
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I sort of suck at LJ. And blogging in general. Woot. Okay, I'll give it a try.

I am house sitting for my dad. He had to travel for work this weekend - our branch office is finally moving back into their office, and he's down there to help set up the networking. He has a puppeh (the best puppeh in the land) so I came up to his house for the weekend to spend time with the puppeh. I do not mind this, because of his awesomeness, except for when he's not awesome. But he mostly is, so it's alright.

He also has this thing about sleeping in the bed with me. Which will be interesting once TB gets up here tonight, but at least it's a king size bed? Pups is still sleeping on his legs, though. Damn it.

Anyway. I also had to bring my two PITAs because the one eats special food and he other has a neurotic complex, so he can't be left alone for long periods of time or I'm afraid he will have a depressive episode and choke himself to death on kibbles. On purpose. So, they're up here, too.

So, one of my dad's cats, who is actually my cat and lived with me for a short time, before he decided he just couldn't handle it anymore and had to go back to dad's (he told me so,) no longer recognizes Neurotic, even though they lived together for four years, but he has no problems with the orange one who he's only known for two years. Because that makes sense. So poor Neurotic, who I brought up here to keep calm, is now being terrorized by a cat who could quite literally sit on him and crush his lungs.

This is how interesting my life is. Do you see why I don't post?

Other than that, I have done nothing. I watched Ted Kennedy's funeral and I'm sure I'll watch the DC processional tonight. I was a fan of his, and I'm sad that he's gone, but glad he's no longer suffering. I am a supporter of the Kennedys, so it's always sad to hear of another tragedy striking them (as they always seem to do.)

I'll do laundry later, so my hang-up clothes have time to try. Otherwise, just a nice, relaxing weekend (knock on wood.)

The weather is gorgeous. Mid-seventies, blue skies. I wouldn't mind it to be cloudy and gray, but after the rain (and flooding) we got earlier this week, sunshine is good. It's almost fall like. If it gets into the low 40s tonight like it's supposed to, some of the leave might start to change.

Fall is my favorite. I'm very excited for fall. There's nothing about fall I don't love.

Also: we made the cover of the New York Times. 14 months later. Better late than never, I guess.

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I know I haven't posted or commented in forever and I'm sorry but would you believe me if I told you I've been blogging my ass off and was all blogged out? No? Well, it's TRUE.

Most of you know that I have started/am in the process of starting a "real" blog, etc. I've been wanting to go live by the end of this week and I was not finished with the design at ALL.

So I've been up to my eyeballs in CSS code since Monday night and I have had no energy to visit LJ. I didn't even check my email yesterday and if you know anything about me, you KNOW that's weird.

For all intents and purposes, it's done. I need to add a couple plug-ins and pages but the important part is done. I do hope you people might follow me over there and read. :) I know it's off the LJ site, but I will still be sticking around here, too! I could never give up LJ. Even if I neglect LJ sometimes.

There might be developments happening at work (beneficial to me). Chance is slim to none but I'm hopeful and I'll let you know when I know.

Other than that, nothing much happening here. Except for the CSS pouring out of my eyeballs and talking to the dh (21 days!), I have done squat. I haven't read, reread, barely cleaned, barely eaten (unless you count coffee and ice cream) or done much other than work and CSS this week. (And anyone who says developing isn't tiring has never done it!)

But now, it's done! The hard stuff, is done. Making the monthly header adjustments and color adjustments will be easy peasy. Hopefully that'll be live by the end of the weekend at the latest.

In other news:

Shameless plug: archivability. I am a part-time amateur novice professional photographer just like every other bastard blogger in the world. But I have a fun, professional camera that is worth far more than I deserve. Woo!

Not so shameless plug: double exposure. Photo blog for one Laura Beks, who happens to be a very talented professional blogger friend of mine. Who also reads here. *wave* She’s asked me to do her website and I can’t wait!

But enough about me. How are you?

ETA: Tomorrow night, Friday, is super returny-commenty-Sari day. Because I'm that cool.


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