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If LJ actually worked decently on my phone, I'd probably post more because most days I'm just too lazy to turn on my laptop and make a long post about ANYthing. I'm usually on a computer ALL day for eight hours a day. Consequently, I logged into my email for the first time in about a month today. Especially since I have push email on my phone, I never log in anymore. OH WELL.

A bulleted list, since I'm still lazy... )

TL;DR: Work woes, cell phone woes, I ate ham for Thanksgiving, [ profile] shutterloubug visited and I am ALWAYS FREAKING COLD.
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Which is really just a reverse psychologyish way of saying "resolutions." Except, everyone clams up at "resolutions." So I have "goals." Win.

1) A "spending diet" through March. Namely, not buying anything I absolutely don't need. I have already failed spectacularly in this regard, therefore I am starting today. Booya. And I mean anything. If I absolutely cannot justify it, say "hey look, my jeans have a huge hole in them, I need to buy another pair," then I cannot buy it. Period. And yes, that happened. I'm down to one pair of jeans. Yes, I need new ones. I will probably not wait until these die to buy new ones, but I consider having a backup pair of jeans a necessary expenditure.

2) Eating healthier. I have a habit of not eating until I'm hungry and that can take a day or two and then Cassandra and Lou yell at me, so I'm going to change that.

3) Being tidy and staying that way. I can be quite neat when I choose to be, I just usually choose lazy. I've been doing better, though.

4) Reorganize everything. I mean EVERYTHING. On a day to day basis, I have no concept of where the majority of my stuff is. I know where the things I use on a daily/weekly/monthly basis are, but as far as the longer-term storage things, it's ridiculous. I always had a habit of just tossing crap into a box and sealing it growing up. I'm going to change that as we go through the house (as planned) this summer.

5) Along the lines of reorganizing, this includes my 1TB-size hard drive. Uh, yeah. That'll take awhile.

6) Going through and reorganizing my closet. AGAIN.

7) Read 50 books. I've already completed one this year. It doesn't matter what they are, just reading 50 books. Chicklit, horror, non-fiction, whatever. I used to read like a demon and then I just...stopped. And I want to get back into that.

8) I would say drink more water, but I don't think that's physically possible, as I average about 108 - 162 oz a day. No, not a typo. But I will say, drinking less soda. Again, sometimes lazy wins. I'm gonna kill that bitch.

9) Finish three scrapbooks. I have one started for Puppers, and one started for Moe. I got another huge scrapbooking supply dump for Christmas from my dealer Danielle <3, so I am going to get started on those. I'd like to do one for Marvin, too.

10) Spend more time (and money, boo) on my business. Get it off the ground? Also, work on my book(s).

I'm sure there are about 4,849,383,443,939 more I could make. This'll do for now. It'll probably change. That's why LJ has an edit button.

ETA: See, I've already thought of more. Digitizing all of my music (oh god.) Getting the dog healthier. Redecorating. MAKE IT STOP.


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