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If LJ actually worked decently on my phone, I'd probably post more because most days I'm just too lazy to turn on my laptop and make a long post about ANYthing. I'm usually on a computer ALL day for eight hours a day. Consequently, I logged into my email for the first time in about a month today. Especially since I have push email on my phone, I never log in anymore. OH WELL.

A bulleted list, since I'm still lazy:
  • Work has been super crazy. In that it's year end, we're all waiting to get laid off, and I pretty much hit the ground running every morning until I walk out the door at (hopefully) 4:30.
  • I'm in talks to get a new job, but the hiring board of the company is being a collection of douchebags, so it's taking for freaking ever. Like... two months? Some of the board are hesitant about hiring an American (Canadian company,) even though I'm more than willing to relocate and obtain permanent residency.
  • Speaking of my cell phone and douchebags, my cell phone is also a douchebag. I don't know what happened to it, but it's missing half the letters I type, it's super freezy and it basically needs to be lit on fire. So I'm saving up money to get a new phone, since the one I want would require me switching companies before my contract is up. I also have a large bone to pick with my current company, as they're trying to say I signed a contract I didn't sign, but I just got irritated and hung up before they started getting creative with my account when the bad words were about to come out of my mouth. ANYWAY. I'm sure you all care.
  • My very good friend [ profile] shutterloubug came to visit over Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving which consisted of ham, tyvm, because turkey makes me physically ill. But she was here for a week, and we had lots of fun and spent lots of time just wandering around shopping which I haven't been able to do in AGES.
  • Speaking of [ profile] shutterloubug, I just put her on her plane home a couple hours ago. :( Now I have to sit in my apartment alone for 10 more days.
  • It's 20F out and shutterloubug never let me turn the heat on because she's freakishly hot. I CAN TURN IT ON NOW, [ profile] shutterloubug! HA!
  • 10 more days because my roommate will FINALLLLY be back on the 10th December. He left 22nd November to be home for Thanksgiving (he has a giant family) and was originally going to return on the 2nd December, but decided to stay for Hanukkah like a good Jewish son.
  • I miss my Boy very much and I'm doing everything I can to finagle a trip to see him next this month.
  • It's been snowing off and on for two days, and I realized when I was getting gas today, with the "Feels like 1*" bullshit weather and the wind and being at the top off the hill and I REALLY need to invest in actual socks (I am very tall, so I wear flats, so I wear footies. brr.) and a new wool coat that isn't three hundred sizes too big. And a not-crocheted winter hat. BRR.

TL;DR: Work woes, cell phone woes, I ate ham for Thanksgiving, [ profile] shutterloubug visited and I am ALWAYS FREAKING COLD.
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