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And I thought it was absolutely atrocious. I had stuff pouring out of every nook and cranny, the walls were cinderblock, so I could only hang things with poster tack (and the one I so intelligently chose was blue, which left a lovely polka-dotted effect,) the floors were vinyl linoleum and I didn't have an oven or a closet to my name.

My first few months were horrible. It was constantly a mess because I couldn't ever get anything back where I got it from. Sort of like a brand new fitted sheet. Looks all nice and shiny when you first buy it. Still looks super pretty when you take it out of the package. But once you unfold it, you will NEVER get it folded the way it was before. Ever. EVER.

It was a lot like that.

That taught me a lot about downsizing. I thought I got rid of a lot of stuff but it always seemed like more and more appeared when it came time to move again.

I've had smaller apartments (~380 sq ft) and much, much larger (~900,) both with roommates and without and I've learned I've sort of become an accidental minimalist along the way.

I've learned that I actually don't attach a lot of sentimental values to things - rather, I am wary of others' sentimental value. Can't get rid of this because [family member that I haven't seen in years] will get mad. Can't get rid of that because what if [friend] asks about it?

Once I started learning about myself, it became a lot easier to not be saddled down by things.

I'm thinking about all this, because I just moved, again. I'm hoping this time I can actually stay for a year. The move was rather quick and uneventful, as I don't own a lot of things anymore. But it still took more car trips than I'd like. So, as with all moves, I'm looking at what I can discard or donate. I plan on getting rid of my dresser. I barely use it, I didn't pay much for it, and well over 90% of my clothes are hung or folded on shelves in the closet.

Moving on.

It's been awhile since I've posted. Mostly it's been a mix of doing three jobs at work, dealing with same old, same old home stress and just being tired all the freaking time. Nothing worth writing about.

It's better now.
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