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Now I get to retype all this, because LJ ate it.

As previously stated.

1) While not quite where I'd like to be, I'm doing much better than I was this time last year. I find it much easier to say no to frivolous things, though I do sometimes indulge.

2) Moving on...

3 - 6) Win, so much awesometacular win! I am awesome. I have a third of the stuff I had when this year began. It's so much easier to keep everything neat and tidy and organized. My OCD has completely kicked into overdrive because I'm off my meds and now I find myself a lot more strict on putting things away. My closet (#6) is probably the neatest, most organized, most sparse place in the house.

7) Yeeeeah. Not even close. I'm going to add this one to next year's list because I really want to do it. I'm going to allow previously read books, because there's a few I want to reread.

8) This is hit and miss. I go months without pop but then I'll get a taste and drink nothing but pop for a week or a month...until I get a taste for something else and therefore forget about pop. So, I'll sort of half-count it. I do need to drink more water at home/on weekends, too.

9) Ignore this one.

10) Number 10? What's that?
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Take the subject and the first sentence from the first post of every month.


2009 is supposed to be better.

Damn it.


Birthday wishes

A beautiful, sunshiney, warm day to [ profile] linnicole . I hope you have a wonderful day, dear!


birthday wishes!

A very, very happy birthday to my dear [ profile] goodtoast.


birthday wishes!

A very merry birthday to [ profile] swankkat.

(are we sensing a pattern??)


do you miss me?

read more over at... (defunct)


because cassandra is a trickster

The first ten people to comments in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me.

(yeah...that happened)


I might as well tell you now because you'll find out eventually and then you'll stop coming here. 

So, I’m married to Zac Efron a certain early-20s nouveau célébrité who is very cute a very fine actor.


Even though the other 51 weeks of the year, I am non-committal...

this week, I love sharks!


i didn't post a damn thing. sad.


Okay, so apparently this is going to turn into a blog about being annoyed... 

...because that's all I ever come here to do.


In the past week: 

My cat has been in and out of the hospital. He's recovering slowly.


whine, bitch and moan

I'm home sick today.
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I've been all over the place when it comes to fandom this year. I sort of fell out of DW last year. I lost interest for most of series 3. And no, it wasn't the pairing, because I like Martha quite a lot actually. 10 was annoying me, for one. He got... I understand that he missed Rose, god knows did and I don't even live in the same fictional world, but it just got too angsty for me, especially with dealing with my mom's recent death, at that point. So I sort of gave up, although I watched the Christmas special (the one with Kylie), even though that one wasn't my favorite. When series 4 started, I tried watching, but I gave up after a few episodes. I think I went from episode, like... 5 to JE. And I LOVE Donna. I won't spoil anything (but um, who doesn't know at this point) but I absolutely adore Donna and I have from the very first moment. Catherine Tate is one of my favorites.

It seems like JE more or less tore the fandom apart. Which, understandable. Honestly, I think the ending was a copout, but I also understand RTD's reasoning on why he did it and therefore I'm okay with it. Everyone gets the happy ending, right? Except for the Doctor, but, let's face it. That's just how the Doctor is. If there was no conflict, the show couldn't continue, right?

I had just started a story right before I fell out of the fandom... and it sat there for a bit. I got a surgence of fannishness, added another chapter...and haven't touched it in about a year. The poor readers over on But - I've started working on it again. Slowly but surely, right? I'm thinking maybe I want to get back into the fandom, but it'll be baby steps.

So, while I was fandomless, I more or less, in a roundabout way, discovered Death Note. I fell HARD into that fandom. My favorite sorts of movies are the mindfuckery sort and the Death Note manga and anime wrote the BOOK on mindfuckery. So I was hardcore into that fandom for a while, although it's slacked off a bit. It's starting to pick up again. I have another story I want to write. And it's due in six days! D=

I also discovered the HSM (High School Musical) fandom. You shut up. I'm not hardcore into it but I like it. I love cheesy musicals like that, they're cheerful. And speaking of cheesy musicals: Hairspray.

So, all in all, I think I'm pretty well-rounded in my fandomness. I'm more or less finishing the year the same way I started it. Kinda drifting a bit in the sea of fandom but I'm better off in that I'm not just pushing it all away.

2008 sucked. I mean. Seriously, completely, totally sucked (more about that later.) But, 2009 is right around the corner. And it can't get here fast enough.

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I think this is the third time I'm doing this? Who knows. Here we go!

Take the first sentence from the first post of every month.

January: Thoughts akimbo
-Contemplating taking a break from LJ

February: Update or Temporary Hiatus
-an update to my contact info or the announcement of my temporary hiatus from LJdom. Wow, I'm boring.

March: To the asshole that was standing by my car when I left the store:

April: No, it does not mean you can wear bikinis in Alaska in January
-I should point out this post was the first (only) of April, and it was on the 28th

May: Because I'm nice.

June: Good thing I have arm floaties
-technically there's two posts before this, but it's about my cell phone number and a birthday wish, so I'm not counting them. DEAL.

July: It's like a Crock Pot!

August: The Saga of the Missing Filofax

September: I need some advice and you people are good at that.

October: Sorry, but this is kinda how I feel?

November: This is my pessimistic side.
-about McCainiac stealing the election

December: *sigh*
-about Reese being sick.

Bring on 2009!


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