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 I switched my site navigation from "Vertigo" to "Horizon," so we'll see how long it takes me to get confused.

I spent a good part of yesterday doing nothing reading magazines and working on my style board. Some might call it an inspiration board. It's basically an oversized (we're talking seriously huge, I can't even hang it because I don't have a stud to nail it into) corkboard. I go through all my magazines that I am obsessed with love and cut out styles/fashions/things I like and pin to the board. It gives me inspiration for how I dress, makeup I do, how I decorate my house for a month or two months or however long I am inspired. If I start to gather a lot of things from magazines, I eventually switch things out. I put what's on the board in my stylebook - a giant scrapbook dedicated just to the clippings - and put the new stuff on the board.

Kind of lame, and pointless, but it makes me happy. I like being able to go back through the years and see what's changed.

So that's what I did yesterday. Today and tomorrow are barbecue central. Two barbecues today, one tomorrow. One of the ones today is at my boyfriend's dad's house, my boyfriend and his dad who are Jewish. Which means no pork, of course, which leads me to ask, what's the point?

I'm waiting for him to change (he's slow, bum knee) and then we are off! Barbecues are the only good thing about summer, methinks.

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Cuz I just did that. I was trying to send an email to a dear friend, clicked a button and it said WOAH CRAP STOP ARE YOU SURE? so I actually looked to see what button it was and it wasn't the send button, it was the delete button so I yelled said loudly "WHERE IS THE SEND BUTTON?" and then I found it. Because you know, I'm a total n00b  at gmail or something.

Today is a crap day, in case you were wondering. There's not nearly enough chocolate in this house and far too much sobriety.

At which point does it start looking up? I mean, I've been a pretty okay kid, right...? So why am I not being cut a break? How far down do I have to go before I can start climbing up? Any advice?
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I am removing the FO-status from my LJ because I just don't care anymore. I will over the next short while open up whatever entries I deem worthy of being public. Some, of course, will remain private or custom or FO.
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I sort of suck at LJ. And blogging in general. Woot. Okay, I'll give it a try.

I am house sitting for my dad. He had to travel for work this weekend - our branch office is finally moving back into their office, and he's down there to help set up the networking. He has a puppeh (the best puppeh in the land) so I came up to his house for the weekend to spend time with the puppeh. I do not mind this, because of his awesomeness, except for when he's not awesome. But he mostly is, so it's alright.

He also has this thing about sleeping in the bed with me. Which will be interesting once TB gets up here tonight, but at least it's a king size bed? Pups is still sleeping on his legs, though. Damn it.

Anyway. I also had to bring my two PITAs because the one eats special food and he other has a neurotic complex, so he can't be left alone for long periods of time or I'm afraid he will have a depressive episode and choke himself to death on kibbles. On purpose. So, they're up here, too.

So, one of my dad's cats, who is actually my cat and lived with me for a short time, before he decided he just couldn't handle it anymore and had to go back to dad's (he told me so,) no longer recognizes Neurotic, even though they lived together for four years, but he has no problems with the orange one who he's only known for two years. Because that makes sense. So poor Neurotic, who I brought up here to keep calm, is now being terrorized by a cat who could quite literally sit on him and crush his lungs.

This is how interesting my life is. Do you see why I don't post?

Other than that, I have done nothing. I watched Ted Kennedy's funeral and I'm sure I'll watch the DC processional tonight. I was a fan of his, and I'm sad that he's gone, but glad he's no longer suffering. I am a supporter of the Kennedys, so it's always sad to hear of another tragedy striking them (as they always seem to do.)

I'll do laundry later, so my hang-up clothes have time to try. Otherwise, just a nice, relaxing weekend (knock on wood.)

The weather is gorgeous. Mid-seventies, blue skies. I wouldn't mind it to be cloudy and gray, but after the rain (and flooding) we got earlier this week, sunshine is good. It's almost fall like. If it gets into the low 40s tonight like it's supposed to, some of the leave might start to change.

Fall is my favorite. I'm very excited for fall. There's nothing about fall I don't love.

Also: we made the cover of the New York Times. 14 months later. Better late than never, I guess.

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Dad: I was going to make the ham but I didn't feel like it. We could get fried chicken.
Kip: We could grill something.
Me: Neh.
Dad: Well, what do you want then?


Also, I am convinced Da Vinci was a time traveler. Just so you know.

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Apparently, if we go by number of results, Zac Efron is a hot mean girl. I knew he had it in him.

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So, big changes happening in Saritown.

I have semi-privated my journal. Meaning, anything I posted before January 1, 2007 has been privated. For mine eyes only. Why?

I read those old entries and I'm just...NOT her anymore. You know? I'm not that person. I'm a completely different person, even since 01/07 really, but I didn't want to lose those entries. They're STILL a part of who I was, but not a part I want to share anymore. If there's anything from before that date that you remember and want made public, let me know and I will do so.

In other news, the thumb amputation was not successful, so now I get to endure a week of stitches to keep it on. Maybe I'll try again later?
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I need to stop Siming and give myself a pedicure. Well. I want to. No! Lin is making me! No, I want to! Damn it. I can't tell.

Also, out of curiosity -- what are your personal stands on tattoos? No judging here, just honestly curious.
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I found a problem with one of our systems today so I spent some time first thing in the morning dealing with that. I had to speak with my boss about it, but she was gone until about 1:30, when I finally had a chance to ask her about it and tell her what was going on. We put in a call to web help and then back to more waiting.

My boss called me over to talk about it around 4:00 or so, which I was fine with because damn, I had stopped working a half hour earlier before and was just trying to look busy. Welcome distraction, whatevs. So I was at her desk until 4:30. That's another problem with my boss. You put me and her in a room together and we can gab for hours.

So then I rush back to my desk and I have to talk to a co-worker, because she's going on vacation and I had to get information from her.

Tthen I get back to my desk finally and start closing everything, packing up and then I started gathering my things and I can't find my keys.

I looked everywhere. My pockets, the cabinet where I put my coat, drawers, floor, garbage can, team table, all through my purse. Can't find 'em.

So I call Kip and tell him, and he says to go out to my car and see if I find them and if not, he'll drive up to Urbana to get into the house and get my spare and come get me. 

I trace my steps back to my car (thankful my car was still there).

As I'm crossing the street to my car, I say to my friend (whom I'm on the phone with at the time), 'haha, you know how to break into a car?' And I get to my door and I see that my doors are unlocked. And I was excited because I was thinking I had dropped my keys in my trunk, because I had put a shopping bag in there. So if I had dropped them in there, and my car was unlocked, yay keys!  Because I could open the trunk.

So I open the door and I go to get in, and my keys are on the floorboard, with a note, saying that they had been found behind my car and that he hoped they were still here when I got back.

They were. And as far as I can tell, nothing was taken. But damn if that wasn't the most scared I've been in a LONG time.
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Walking across an airport, pulling a suitcase in one hand, carry-on over my shoulder, purse over my elbow, Frappuccino, latte, Blackberry in hand, iPod in pocket with the earbuds looped through my belt loop to hold them up and a book tucked under my arm.

Now that is talent.

It's almost like I was living in Chicago again.

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Mm, Bowie. Gack, I haven't listened to God Bowie in so long. I must rectify that.


There's some things changing around these parts. Those that are frequenters of my LJ, not just reading mine through their style, will notice that I changed my layout back to my shark week layout that I had for about, all last year. I love hot pink. While I'm not sure it's my favorite color, it seems to encompass my personality well. Or so I'm told. And I picked the shark week banner because 1) I was inspired by Shark Week starting next Sunday (HOMG, GET THE POPCORN) and 2) it's a sentiment I agree with.

I'm also in the process of reorganizing all of my tags. While a bunch of entries lost their tags for the time being, that will be remedied. Promise.

Yes, I am that much of a nerd. Look at my icons list for cripes sake.

In other organization news, I've lost my Filofax. Anyone seen it? Because, um. Not cool. I think the reason why I keep myself (or attempt to) so ruthlessly organized is because I am actually quite scatterbrained--which I am. So, it's necessary that I force myself into this or I won't remember anything. I don't remember to pay bills, birthdays, send cards or gifts, appointments, meetings with friends, nothing if it's not written down. I even have a big whiteboard by my desk with a list of what bills are due when and how much--or I'd get to the end of the month and be like "crap, I should pay that." Often, this happens after I get phone calls saying WE ARE GOING TO CUT OFF YOUR SERVICE IF YOU DON'T PAY US, BIZNATCH. Cell phone companies are so touchy.

So, I need to find my Filofax. This might be in my trunk. Just about everything else I own is, although, I'm not quite sure how it got out of my purse because my purse hasn't been in there in weeks.

Also, I'm in the mood for a new purse. Not sure what, though. I'm trying to keep myself from buying purses like I normally do because I have this thing called "groceries" and it's generally good if you can afford to buy them.

Can you tell this is a stream of conciousness type of thing? Geez.

Also, I need a new cell phone. My pretty, shiny cell phone decided to die not too long ago and the cell phone company told me it would cost as much to get it fixed as it would to buy a new one, more or less. I'm afraid of sending it in because I don't want them to make the repairs and then expect me to pay it when they're done, if it's not an amount I'm comfortable paying. But I HATE my old phone, which is why I upgraded to that one. I can upgrade Sept 30 but I really, really don't want a new contract -- I like my plan the way it is, the features I have and the amount I pay for them is perfect and that'll change if I sign another 2 year contract. Never mind that I've been in a contract since I was 18 and I would like to NOT be.

But the new phone I want is $379.99 and I just can't afford that right now. Stupid Capitalism.

I'm going to go get food now. My stomach is eating my liver.
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I love my alma mater.
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I just downloaded Safari for my mac. I've been using Firefox since before it was invented, I think, and while I LOVE Firefox, we've had some issues lately so we're doing a trial separation. Firefox is emotionally abusive and I'm a bit of a whore so it's really for the best. But I really like how LJ (not just mine, but the entire site) looks with Safari. But I miss my Google bar. It's sad how dependent you get on things like Google bars.


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