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 I switched my site navigation from "Vertigo" to "Horizon," so we'll see how long it takes me to get confused.

I spent a good part of yesterday doing nothing reading magazines and working on my style board. Some might call it an inspiration board. It's basically an oversized (we're talking seriously huge, I can't even hang it because I don't have a stud to nail it into) corkboard. I go through all my magazines that I am obsessed with love and cut out styles/fashions/things I like and pin to the board. It gives me inspiration for how I dress, makeup I do, how I decorate my house for a month or two months or however long I am inspired. If I start to gather a lot of things from magazines, I eventually switch things out. I put what's on the board in my stylebook - a giant scrapbook dedicated just to the clippings - and put the new stuff on the board.

Kind of lame, and pointless, but it makes me happy. I like being able to go back through the years and see what's changed.

So that's what I did yesterday. Today and tomorrow are barbecue central. Two barbecues today, one tomorrow. One of the ones today is at my boyfriend's dad's house, my boyfriend and his dad who are Jewish. Which means no pork, of course, which leads me to ask, what's the point?

I'm waiting for him to change (he's slow, bum knee) and then we are off! Barbecues are the only good thing about summer, methinks.

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...because that's all I ever come here to do.

Moving on.

Okay. Maybe my idea of internet etiquette is misplaced, but let’s try this. I’ve been around these intertubes for near on 20 years (dear god, I’m old) and I’ve developed a few habits, and seen others develop the same habits, so I’m thinking I’m not wrong here.
This stems from an argument with the boy, so there might be much ridiculing of him in here. He’s aware.
Think of the interwebs as a giant room where lots of people mingle. Do you come into the room and wait for someone you know to acknowledge you? I don’t understand how this works. Do you expect your friends to be watching the door (i.e. their buddy list,) waiting for your arrival with baited breath? And if they never notice you standing at said door, you quietly leave without ever talking to them?
Why is the onus on your friend? They’re already here, they’re already partying. One would assume that they’re not waiting just to talk to you, so why would you assume they would notice as soon as you enter the room? Ignoring someone because you don’t want to interrupt is just rude, in my opinion, more rude than “interrupting” said person. Because unlike real life, you don’t actually physically interrupt someone.
And I have a friend who is an actual interrupter and some days it takes everything I have not to hit her in the head. Tangent: if you’re having a conversation with both, or more than two, people actively involved, that’s one thing and interrupting might be excused in that situation. But when I’m sitting here saying, “Yeah, I’ve been getting hives, I think I’m allergic to myself.” And you cut me off and say “ANYWAY, OUR BOSS IS REALLY HOT AMIRITE?” or whatever you were spewing = RUDE.
Just so you know.
When I sign into instant messenger, I talk to anywhere from 2 – 6 or 7 people, as well as have multiple browser windows and tabs, as well as my email, as well as twhirl or, as well as Word. I’m a multi-tasker. I can do a lot and I can do it all at the same time.
To accomplish this, I must make a sacrifice. And that sacrifice is minimizing my buddy lists. Why? Because almost everyone I know IMs me when THEY sign on. If people are on when I sign on, then I IM them. I don’t expect them to know I’m there. I assume everyone minimizes like I do, because you DON’T need the buddy list open all the time.
So if you sign on and I don’t IM you, I’m not ignoring you. It does not mean I’m mad at you for being home late, K. It means I didn’t see you, pure and simple.
As far as I’m concerned, if we don’t talk, that onus is on you.
Never mind that you live here. This is the digital age, after all.


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